- Electa Chapter 51 -
Order Of The Eastern Star
Sierra Vista - Arizona
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2016 - 2017
     Worthy MatronJanie Fix
Email: surefyre@aol.com
     Worthy PatronJohn H. Escapule, PP
     Associate MatronShin L. Anderson
Email: shin.anderson@yahoo.com
     Associate PatronErick Anderson
     SecretarySharon Shulsky
Email: newmoonluv@gmail.com
     TreasurerJay Land
     ConductressCatherine Fix Land
     Associate ConductressBonnie Tennison, PM (Prompter)
     ChaplainPaul Jackson, PP
Email: houndsabound@q.com
     MarshalPhillip Shulsky, PP
Email: loki33w@gmail.com
     OrganistMary Jackson, PGM
Email: monkeybizoes@q.com
     AdahPeg Escapule, PM
Email: peg.escapule@gmail.com
     WarderPatricia Thies
Email: kd7hab@gmail.com
     SentinelCharles H. (Chuck) Fortner, PP
Email: chuckem@cox.net
   1 Year Trustee Paul Jackson, PP
Email: houndsabound@q.com
   2 Year Trustee Patricia Thies
Email: kd7hab@gmail.com
   3 Year Trustee Phillip Shulsky, PP
Email: loki33w@gmail.com