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-125th Anniversary Celebration-
November 12, 2016

Willcox Lodge No. 10, F&AM
114 West Maley, Willcox, AZ.

Mail: 1002 East Irene St., Pearce, AZ 85625
Gerald W. Muir PM, Sec. 520-404-2138
November 12, 2016

Today, November 12, 2016, Willcox Lodge No. 10 F&AM, celebrated its 125th Anniversary and what a memorable occasion it was. Brothers came from all over Arizona and also representatives from Mexico attended.

The Celebration began at 7 AM in the dining room of the Lodge with coffee, and pastries. Brothers and ladies began to trickle in and at about 8:00 AM registration started and it was a pleasure to see everyone mingling and visiting about the Lodge and dining room, as we haven’t had this much activity for many years. The Time capsule was opened earlier in the week and the contents were on display in the dining room as well as our permanent display in the Lodge Room.

At 10 AM, Grand Lodge was opened in Willcox Lodge No. 10, F&AM for the first time in twenty-five years by MWGM Robert W. Bradford. After Lodge was opened MWGM Robert W. Bradford introduced the elected GL Officers, appointed GL Officers, the representatives of other Masonic Organizations, Sitting Masters, and the representatives from Mexico. MWGM said this is what Masonry is all about, and a few comments about the agenda for the rest of the day. Grand Lodge was closed at about 10:45 AM. There were 70 Masons in attendance.

Also at 10 AM the Ladies & non Masons Program started in the Dining Room where Kathy Klump, a local Historian gave an overview of the History of Willcox, AZ. In the beginning, Maley was the name of this town and was changed to Willcox when General Willcox came to town on the first train from the East. She covered the early days, the beginning of Willcox Lodge, migration from the East, etc. The presentation was great and enjoyed by all who attended. The presentation was enjoyed by about 40 in attendance.

At about 11 AM, the Rededication of the Lodge began with the Grand Lodge Officers forming at the cornerstone, where MWGM Robert W. Bradford, RW Thomas A. Scott, RW Craig Gross, RW Grag Vasquez, Grand Lecturer Carl Melton, Grand Chaplain Dave Brubaker, and others performed the Rededication ritual. There were over 100 people in attendance.

From there we proceeded to the Elks Club for Dinner. The menu was: brisket, beans, coleslaw, a roll, peach cobbler or Paul Lee’s Pecan sheet cake. It was great. WB Marlin S. Easthouse gave remarks and recognized all the Brothers and others who made this Celebration a success. MWGM Robert W. Bradford gave closing remarks and the Willcox Lodge No. 10, F&AM 125th Year Anniversary Celebration came to a close.

The Time capsule will be updated and sealed and hopefully be opened again in twenty – five years.

Gerald W Muir PM, Secretary