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 George Washington  1st President of the United States
 James Monroe  5th President of the United States
 Andrew Jackson  7th President of the United States
 James Polk  11th President of the United States
 James Buchanan  15th President of the United States
 Andrew Johnson  17th President of the United States
 James Garfield  20th President of the United States
 William McKinley  25th President of the United States
 Theodore Roosevelt  26th President of the United States
 William Taft  27th President of the United States
 Warren Harding  29th President of the United States
 Franklin D. Roosevelt  32nd President of the United States
 Harry Truman  33rd President of the United States
 Gerald Ford  38th President of the United States
 Winston Churchill  Prime Minister of England
 Sir John Abbott  Prime Minister of Canada
 Viscount Bennett  Prime Minister of Canada
 Sir Robert Borden  Prime Minister of Canada
 Salvador Allende  Prime Minister of Chile
 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  1st President of Turkey
 Eduard Benes  President of Czechoslovakia
 William Ellery  Signer of Declaration of Independence
 Benjamin Franklin  Signer of Declaration of Independence
 John Hancock  Signer of Declaration of Independence
 Joseph Hewes  Signer of Declaration of Independence
 William Hooper  Signer of Declaration of Independence
 Robert T. Paine  Signer of Declaration of Independence
 Richard Stockton  Signer of Declaration of Independence
 George Walton  Signer of Declaration of Independence
 William Whipple  Signer of Declaration of Independence
 George Fredrick  King George IV
 Albert George  King George VI
 Albert Edwards  King Edward VII
 Edward David  King Edward VIII
 Pasha Ismail  Viceroy of Egypt
 Pascual Ortiz Rubia  President of Mexico
 Sveinn Bjornsson  First President of Iceland
 Gunning Bedford Jr  Signer of the US Constitution
 John Blair  Signer of the US Constitution
 David Brearley  Signer of the US Constitution
 Jacob Broom  Signer of the US Constitution
 Daniel Carroll  Signer of the US Constitution
 Jonathan Dayton  Signer of the US Constitution
 John Dickinson  Signer of the US Constitution
 Nicholas Gilman  Signer of the US Constitution
 Rufus King  Signer of the US Constitution
 James McHenry  Signer of the US Constitution
 William Paterson  Signer of the US Constitution
 Sir William Johnson  French & Indian War, British Commander
 Israel Putman  French & Indian War, Connecticut Commander
 Johann von Robaii, Baron De Kalb  Seven Years War, French Army
 Col. Guy Johnson  American Revolution, British Army
 John Knox  American Revolution, Continental Army
 Ethan Allen  American Revolution, Continental Army
 Chief Joseph Brant  American Revolution, Mohawk Chief
 Marquis de Lafayette  American Revolution, French Army
 Capt. John McKinstry  American Revolution, Continental Army
 Lt. Thomas Boyd  American Revolution, Continental Army
 Sgt. Michael Parker  American Revolution, Continental Army
 Gen. John Sullivan  American Revolution, Continental Army
 Lt. Jonathan Maynard  American Revolution, Continental Army
 Gen. John Stark  American Revolution, Continental Army
 Pvt. Benjamin Russell  American Revolution, Continental Army
 Charles Cornwallis  American Revolution, British Army
 Francis Rawdon  American Revolution, British Army
 Col. John Butler  American Revolution, British Army
 Col. Walter Butler  American Revolution, British Army
 Capt. John Paul Jones  American Revolution, American Navy
 Commodore Matthew Perry  War of 1812, American Navy
 Capt. James Lawrence  War of 1812, American Navy
 Lt. Augustus Ludlow  War of 1812, American Navy
 Brig. General Lewis Cass  War of 1812, American Army
 Gates Hoit  War of 1812, American Army
 Thomas Warner  War of 1812, American Army
 Capt William Morgan  War of 1812, American Army
 Lt. Provo Wallis  War of 1812, British Navy
 James Bonham  Texas Revolution 1835
 James Bowie  Texas Revolution 1835
 David Crockett  Texas Revolution 1835
 Almaron Dickenson  Texas Revolution 1835
 William B. Travis  Texas Revolution 1835
 Sam Houston  Texas Revolution 1835
 Major General William J. Worth  Mexican War 1846, American Army
 Lewis Armistead  Mexican War 1846, American Army
 Winfield Scott Hancock  Mexican War 1846, American Army
 Joseph F. Knipe  Mexican War 1846, American Army
 Thomas A. Rowley  Mexican War 1846, American Army
 John C. Robinson  Mexican War 1846, American Army
 Lt. Col. John W. Geary  Mexican War 1846, American Army
 Alfred Pleasonton  Mexican War 1846, American Army